Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Rule Review

Good morning crafty friends!  We hope you are enjoying our 8th birthday bash online crop as well as our sketches here on the blog!!  There is so much fun going on and we know that many of you are newcomers to Sketch N Scrap so we wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that we do have guidelines in place for being eligible for our prize draws.  Unfortunately, we have had to stop notifying each person individually when we delete your entry for not following the rules.  Our staff here at Sketch N Scrap is an all volunteer one who all work full time elsewhere so we feel this is not a good use of our time and efforts and prefer to use our time to bring you more free sketches and inspiration!  Thanks for understanding but please feel free to reach out via email or PM if after reviewing our guidelines (which can be found by clicking the guidelines button at the top of the blog) if you feel your entry was deleted in error.  The most common reasons entries are deleted is that they are uploaded to a gallery such as Flicker that does not allow us to view them properly or allow a link back to our blog to be left.  If a gallery such as Scrapbook.com or A Cherry On Top OR even Facebook allows a link to our blog when posting your project then it is acceptable.  If you do not post a link back to our blog OR even mention that your project was completed using a sketch at Sketch N Scrap with the sketch number it will be deleted.  Secondly, during our online crop we are allowing CERTAIN entries to be double posted here on the blog AND in the crop for an extra chance to win, This is for CERTAIN projects only and will be noted in the online crop within the post and state DOUBLE DIP ALERT...those not indicating this should not be posted here on the blog.  Thanks for your understanding and your support of Sketch N Scrap!  Happy creating! 

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