Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lisa's get organized challenge !

I hope you enjoyed Inna's super creative challenge inspiring us to use our embossing folders!  If you missed it you can find it HERE.  Today it's Lisa here bringing you some fun and fast ways to organize your hoard stash.  Let's admit it, we would all like to be more organized in all aspects of our lives, but especially in when it comes to our hoard   I mean, stash of scrapbook supplies!  I am always looking for a great tip to organize my supplies.  Here is a sneak of just SOME of my favorite ways to organize my supplies:
I have kits I have bought in the past and ones I have made out of my stash hung on pants hangers to allow me easy access to supplies and keep them from getting crushed in bins. My stamps and other supplies store UNDER the kits so there is really little wasted space.

 My mini albums are neatly stored in a basket in my entryway so that guests can easily flip through the books & enjoy them while visiting.  My niece & nephews love to look at them when they stop by!

 Large glass jars make great storage for foam stamps and chipboard pieces, freeing them up so you can easily view and locate them when needed. I found when my chipboard was not punched out and hidden in a drawer I would not use it as it was out of sight and out of mind!

Add a lazy Susan under your cropping bag, this allows you to easily spin it around and access supplies from all sides!  These can be purchased at any store for a reasonable price.  I got mine for under $3.  It is not only great when you are away at a crop but also when cropping at home!  I keep all my most used tools and adhesives etc in my crop bag, just in case I get invited to a crop at the last minute, no need to spend extra time packing and then forgetting basic supplies!

I hope these little tips will inspire you to organize your supplies to allow you more time to scrap!  For more GREAT ideas on organizing your scrapbook supplies visit our Pinterest board on getting organized!  You can find it HERE .  We would love to hear your tips on how you organize your scrappy stuff as well!  For today's challenge we are entering all participants who share their favorite organization tip in the comment section into the drawing for our 30 spools of American Crafts ribbon!!!!

  Here are the rules:
1) Share your favorite organizing tip in the comment section on this post (one tip comment per person max)
2) For an extra entry into the drawing follow us on Pinterest HERE 
If you are already a follower then leave that in the comments to let us know.
3) Deadline to enter is June 5th at midnight CST
4) We will draw a winner for the American Crafts 30 spools of ribbon from all entries into this challenge and our Birthday Bash Blog Treasure Hunt challenge.  You have until May 31st at midnight CST to play along with the Treasure Hunt challenge for more ways to win!!!
5) Random drawing for the ribbon will take place on June 6th

Have fun and come back tomorrow to see what  Designer Mandi  has up her sleeve with her fun and creative twine challenge!


  1. I love your hanging kit storage idea Lisa. I just need a craft room so that I can implement the lovely ideas that are available on the Pinterest board!!

  2. I like to use clear stackable containers, so you can see what is inside and have the option to put on top of one another which saves space.

  3. I really like the idea of using baskets to store my items in. I use baskets to store my punches and 6x6 paper pads in.

  4. So many wonderful organizing tips Lisa!! Thanks for another great challenge! :)

  5. I am forever trying to maximize my space. One tip I would share is to label drawers(OOSOOM)and keep your favorite items close to you! That would be two tips huh?

  6. My favorite organization method is definitely my inks - stored in an old wooden tape deck and painted white. It's a an easy way to see all my colors quickly. I also hang my ribbon on a tie rack with office binder clips by color. It allows me to pull off just the color I need and lay the ribbon on my page without taking it off the binder. Quite easy to transport to crops as well!

  7. I also just became a pinterest follower!

  8. a rescent find for me is I store my wood mounted rubber stamps in a m & m box... like the ones you get at Costco that hold like 40 bags of m & m's.. they are perfect cause they are short, and I can set them all in there and still see the tops of the stamps.

  9. I'm a new follower of your on pinterest as well!

  10. These are great tips Lisa, thanks for sharing! I think my favorite organization/storage tip is to invest in a 12x12 hanging file folder system. I have all my patterned papers organized in files that hang in a nice compact box that I keep under my desk. The files are great because they make it WAY easier to find what you are looking for. You can organize the files by themes (birthday papers, vacation papers, holiday papers, etc) or sort by color, manufacturer, texture - whatever works for you.

  11. I love seeing the variety of organization tips from everyone!

    Well, I make my own gems. I started making them several months ago and now I'm hooked! They're so fun to make! The problem was needing a place to store them. I have every color... some painted with nail polish, permanent markers, metallic paint and others with glitter. All made using hot glue.

    I decided on bead or craft boxes (found in the craft dept) which have 18 compartments each. And... I hesitate to say this... but here goes... I have around 8 boxes so far... all filled with my home made gems! It's the perfect solution for me. They stack beautifully and they're clear so I can find which box I need at a glance.

  12. I really keep organized by putting away as I go. I love the Gerber plastic baby food containers for buttons and brads etc.

  13. I have found a wonderful way to store my metal pieces. I LOVE to us metal on almost everything I make. The problem is that I have all these tiny metal pieces in several different containers. So, I bought a hanging make-up bag. The kind with several different zippered pockets on both sides. WHAT A RELIEF!!! Not only can I store a TON of metal pieces, brads, charms, and tid bits, but I can actually SEE them just by glancing up!

    I also found a video on Youtube where the crafter used a photo box to store her ribbon. I replicated the process and it's wonderful!! Simply buy a $2.00 photo box at Michaels, punch 12-15 holes down each side and insert eyelets. Place two wooden dowel down the center of the box and voila!!! 25 of your best ribbons at your fingertips!!! Now, if I only had the time to make about 10 more!!! Hahaha!!!!

  14. I am a new follower of yours on Pinterest!

  15. I bought a couple of small 3 tiered drawers from Wal-mart and use it for my small items like stickles, chalk inks, ink refills, etc... Also, I like to use leftover tic tac containers for my brads! :)

  16. Hey Lisa! I love this post and your ideas for organizing supplies. I especailly loved the ideas with the hangers. I might have to give that a try! I use a lot of baskets, different sizes of course to fit my needs. For smaller items like brads and ribbons, I use (don't laugh) small plastic containers that fishermen use to hold their bait in! I am a follower on Pinterest.