Guidelines/Link Up

Our Rule or Guidelines are simple...

Give Credit to whom Credit is Due: When information or images come from our site please...

cite us and link back to our blog!  Only traditional paper layouts/cards are eligible for our prize draw, no digital layouts/cards please.   Please do not use our sketches for DT assignments, classes or publication submissions without prior written consent.  You are free to use our sketches for other challenges (except sketch challenges for obvious reasons) as long as proper credit is given to our sketch artist and Sketch N Scrap.  Only those linking back and providing proper credit to Sketch N Scrap and our sketch artists are eligible for the monthly prize drawing.  If you have any questions at all please feel free to email us at
**only one entry is allowed per sketch on our blog **

If you participate, you are willing to be chosen as a featured artist on Sketch N Scrap. In this case your work will be featured on one of the Sketch N Scrap posts. Also while we ENCOURAGE and LOVE international participants we can not ask our sponsors to include shipping cost; therefore, if a international participant wins the prize they will be responsible for shipping cost or forgo the prize. Thank you for your understanding! We love our participants and want each of you to play along, have fun, and feel welcome! 


The most important rule when you add one of your creations to Sketch~N~Scrap is to

This means that from your blog, someone can immediately hop over to Sketch~N~Scrap, using your link.

AND if you don’t LINK BACK then I am afraid your post will be deleted…

 So…how is it done?

Well… here is a card that I made inspired by the December 5th card Sketch –

(it is also great to add the sketch to your blog)

So now I want to link back to Sketch~N~Scrap.

I highlight the part of the sentence that I want to use as the link eg Sketch~N~Scrap

And then hit Link at the top of the screen

A box pops up: 

 Type in (or ‘cut and paste’) the main SNS address:

Click OK and you have an active link –

 When you publish your blog it is a good idea to check that it works!
(Try my link above – just under the photos)

If you do not want your post to be deleted
please make sure this link is on your blog post!

 I am using blogger - other sites will have similar methods to link up.

The next step after publishing your post is to link to Sketch~N~Scrap via the Inlinkz button at

It is also fine to use a scrapbook/card gallery or post on your Instagram OR Facebook account just as long as they allow the person to include a link to Sketch N Scrap. ***Please note we no longer allow you to use Flickr Or other photo sharing websites as it requires our DT to set up accounts to view/comment on these sites.***

1) Add your project to the gallery, blog or your Facebook/Instagram...make sure and include a link back to Sketch N Scrap in the photo description or comments.   
 Here is my example on

2) Copy your link from the gallery, blog OR Facebook/Instagram account where you posted it.
3) Click on the ADD LINK button on the Sketch N Scrap blog - it can be found on the RIGHT sidebar
4) Paste your link into the box that says THE URL OF YOUR LINK
5) Fill in a caption for your project- HINT: use your name OR the title of your project
6) Fill in your email address....this WILL NOT show on our website, only the site/blog owner can see it
7) You will see your project appear under the email button....
8) Click SAVE & your have now linked up your project!!  HINT: if you don't check the box that states you agree with the Inlinkz privacy policy then it will not work

Remember if you post your project on a site that requires our DT to create an account we may not be able to comment on your project - thanks for your understanding!

The other case where we ask for your understanding is if your blog is in a different language.

If you link up disappears at a later date it may not have followed the challenge guidelines.

As a consequence it may have been deleted.

  Try again paying close attention to the challenge rules/guidelines and if it deleted again and you do not understand why then email us at to find out why your link has been deleted.

We look forward to seeing your lovely work!!

Happy Crafting!

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