Featured Scrappers & Card Makers

Our Featured Scrappers & Card makers

Each month the Design Team picks 3 favorites and vote for a Featured Scrapper. Here are the Featured Scrappers since we opened in 2012.

June 2012- Crystal :o)  FIRST FEATURED SCRAPPER!  YAY!
July 2012- Raechelle Bellus
August 2012- Andrea Eason
September 2012- Tracy Rhoades
October 2012- Miki
November 2012- Wendy C
December 2012- Kirsty Vitteo
January 2013- Lisa from Scrappy Distractions
Feb 2013- Christine Perez
March 2013- Esther
April 2013 - Mariko
May 2013 -  Kristy Lee (layout) and Rainny (card)
June 2013 - Nathalie (layout) and Kerys (card)
July 2013 - Denise Coulter (layout) and Alicia Bryant (card)
August 2013 - Stacia Brandt (layout) and Christine (card)
September 2013 - Denise (layout) and Lisa Henke (card)
October 2013 - Karen (layout) and Sherri P (card)
November 2013 - Steffanie (layout) and Maria K (card)
December 2013 - Sandi Pressley (layout) and Susan Renshaw (card)
January 2014- Barbara Greenberg (layout) and Miranda Mols (card)
February 2014- Brenda Rose (layout) and Nathalie (card)
March 2014 - Shirley (layout) and Tatius (card)
April 2014 - Tiffany (layout) and Lesli (card)
May 2014 - Leslie Germain (layout) and Ashley (card)
June 2014 - Michelle (layout) and Melissa (card)
July 2014 - Cathy Lu (layout) and Sandy Ross (card)
August 2014 - Tracy F. (layout) and Lizzy Hill (card)
September 2014 - Mayoori (layout) and Heather Robertson (card)
October 2014 -  Ronna (layout) and Kim (card)
November 2014 -  Shelby (layout) and Sandy (card)
December 2014 - Cher K (layout) and  Lillian (card)
January 2015 - Jackie (layout) and  Pam (card)
February 2015 - Rochelle Spears (layout) and  Kelly Janes (card)
March 2015 - Suzanne (layout) and  Lisa M. (card)
April 2015 - Rebecca Daly (layout) and  Nathalie (card)
May 2015 - Karen Johnson (layout) and Emily (card)
June 2015 - Brenda Ragsdale (layout) and Hillary Harris (card)
July 2015 - Lynn Blodgett (layout) and Ria Montefalcon (card)
August 2015 - Ashley (layout) and Sara M. (card)
September 2015 - Shelby (layout) and Cynthia B. (card)
October 2015 - Naomi (layout) and Sharon (card)
November 2015 - Sandi Pressley  (layout) and Nathalie (card)
Dec. 2015 - Grace Tolman  (layout) and Heather Robertson (card)
January 2016 - Cynthia B.  (layout) and Amanda Jane (card)
February 2016 - Lisa M.  (layout) and Nathalie Leonelli (card)
March 2016 - Carolyn Johnson  (layout) and Lesli Giertuga (card)
April 2016 - Wendy Brassart  (layout) and Lisa Rea (card)
May 2016- Barb Greenburg (layout) and Grace (card)
June 2016- Elaine (layout) and Sandi Pressley (card)
July 2016- Amanda (layout) and  Laura (card)
August 2016-  Mariko (layout) and Christine (card)
September 2016- Josy (layout) and La la (card)
October 2016- Daisy (layout) and Mei-Chen (card)
November 2016- Louise (layout) and Kristie (card)
December 2016- Jean (layout) and AJ (card)
January 2017-  Jennifer (layout) and Stacey (card)
February 2017- Deanna (layout) and Super Chick Stick (card)
March 2017-  Sandy Ross (layout) and Barbara (card)
April 2017- Deanna (layout) and Irina (card)
May 2017- Brenda (layout) and Chantal (card)
June 2017- Kate (layout) and Victoria (card)
July 2017- Miki (layout) and Darlene (card)
August 2017 - Lisa (layout) and Cheryl (card)
September 2017-  Reina (layout) and Crissi (card)
October 2017- Ange (layout) and Cindy (card)
November 2017- Hiro-chan (layout) and Victoria (card)
December 2017- Jenessa (layout) and Felisa (card)
February 2018- Jean (layout) and Emily (card)
March 2018- Kicka (layout) and Sharon (card)
April 2018- Stacy (layout) and Yoshiko (card)
May 2018- Essie (layout) and Jean (card)
June 2018- Reina (layout) and Tammy (card)
July 2018- Alicia (layout) and Gloria (card)
August 2018- Wendy (layout) and Patricia (card)
September 2018- Jenessa (layout) and Karen (card)
October 2018- Aussie Annie (layout) and Annelise (card)
November 2018: Brenda  (layout) and Karen (card)
December 2018:  Jean (layout) and Gloria (card)
January 2019:  Denise (layout) and Annemarie (card)
February 2019: Neva (layout) and Judy (card)
March 2019: Judy (layout) and Marilyn (card)
April 2019: Anna (layout) and Joyce Ann (card)
May 2019:  Jamie (layout) and Sharon (card)
June 2019: Rainny (layout) and Treva (card)
July 2019: Joyce Ann (layout) and Nicole (card)
August 2019: Barbara (layout) and Rainny (card)
September 2019: Melissa (layout) and Jolanda (card)
October 2019:  Marci (layout) and MTCanuk (card)
November 2019: Shannon (layout) and  KT Fit Kitty (card)
December 2019:  Kathy (layout) and Colien (card)
January 2020:  Lolis (layout) and Cindy (card)
February 2020:  Cathy (layout) and Alyson (card)
March 2020:  Surama (layout) and Christine (card)
April 2020:  Cr8ted4u (layout) and Henriette (card)
May 2020: Esther (layout) and June (card)
June 2020: SDMarch (layout) and Linda (card)
July 2020:  Jill (layout) and Donna (card)
August 2020: Susan (layout) and Sandi (card)
September 2020:  Dorlene (layout) and Joyce Ann (card)
October 2020: Jacynthe (layout) and Rimmie (card)
November 2020:  Cynthia (layout) and Lisa (card)
December 2020:  Lillian (layout) and Megan (card)
January 2021:  Heidi (layout) and Stacey (card)
February 2021: Rainny (layout) and Maureen (card)
March 2021: Lisa (layout) and Sandi (card)
April 2021: Bonnie (layout) and Rainny (card)
May 2021: Essie (layout) and Karen (card)
June 2021: Jill (layout) and Louise (card)
July 2021:  Karen (layout) and Stephanie (card)
August 2021: Barb (layout) and Sandi (card)
September 2021:  Joyce Ann (layout) and Christine (card)
October 2021:  Sandy (layout) and Sharon (card)
November 2021:  Joannie (layout) and Kathy (card)
December 2021:  Cheryl (layout) and Donna (card)
January 2022:  Gocchi (layout) and Ingen (card)
February 2022:  QueenBee89 (layout) and Felisa (card)
March 2022:  Amy Jo (layout) and Tone (card)
April 2022:  Donna (layout) and Suzanne (card)
May 2022: Denise (layout) and JoAnn (card)
June 2022:  Shani (layout) and Lucy (card)
July 2022: Kathy (layout) and Colien (card)
August 2022: Rainny (layout) and Treva (card)
September 2022: Mariko (layout) and Sandi (card)
October 2022:  Jacynthe (layout) and Gail (Card)
November 2022: Rochelle (layout) and Willa (card)
December 2022: Jennifer (layout) and Christine (card)
January 2023: Jamie (layout) and Cheryl (card)
February 2023: Sandy Ross (layout) and Rebecca (card)
March 2023:  Leslie Williams (layout) and Cheryl Even (card)
April 2023:  Cathy (layout) and Joann (card)
May 2023: Leslee Cottrell-Barrow (layout) and Alesia Fowler (card)
June 2023: Angela (layout) and Gail Owens (card)
July 2023: Heidi (layout) and Treva (card) 
August 2023:  Judith (layout) and Stephanie (card)
September 2023:  Cindy (layout) and Brandi Jo (card)
October 2023:  Wendy (layout) and Colien (card)
November 2023:  Deanna (layout) and Christine (card)
December 2023:  Barbara (layout) and Sandi (card)
January 2024:  Stacy DeLong (layout) and Deb (card)
February 2024:  Deborah (layout) and Cassandra (card)
March 2024:  Sandy (layout) and Deanna (card)
April 2024:  Shawna (layout) and Brandi Jo (card)
May 2024:  Leigh (layout) and Cheryl (card)
June 2024:  Rebecca (layout) and JoAnn (card).

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